The Munsters Car – Career With Twists


Those of you who watched that Munsters series of TV must be familiar with the vehicle starred there. Addams family car was a big star to some extent. Nevertheless, its history has many twists.

The Munsters Car – Koach Car

It was George Barris who introduced this vehicle to the film. Producers found it as an interesting idea and concluded an agreement. Tom Daniel was responsible for the initial design of the auto. Tex Smith was the father of this production. However, he has failed to finish his work by himself.

Koach Car Specifications

Addams family car had a role in many episodes. Later this car continued its career in Munster, Go Home. It is easy to see that Koach rode on wheels which were of a bigger size in the latest episodes. Originally this vehicle was made including scoop on a hood. Huge lights of round shape looked really scary. The model was equipped with a complicated carburetor system. Air horns could be found all over the car. There were unique lights used which are nothing less than a piece of art.

To be honest, there was no diversity of models used. The same Koach acted at all the scenes. Ford Model T was the basis for this production. 18 feet of length was more than enough to transport Addams family. It is interesting that there was the handmade frame of 133 inches. A brass radiator, as well as fenders, were also a custom work. Scrollwork of steel was could be rolled in an interesting way. You will be surprised to know that it was made in 500 hours. There was dropped axle used. Springs of T shape could be found at the front part of this auto. Hearse body was also made custom.

Koach Car Modifications

In addition, a plastic model of the auto was produced by AMT. The model has been redesigned for a number of times, though. What is more, there is an even smaller copy of Addams family car by Johnny Lightning. Nevertheless, George Barris refused to accept one of those reproductions. It was his paint man who still bought such a model.

Barris opened an auction in 1982. It was the year when he sold the original car of the Addams. The model was had a few modifications boasting about bigger gas lights and wheels. When Hollywood Christmas Parade came in 1984 Dick Dean created another official version of the famous car which got upgraded in 27 years. For example, its body was recovered with black paint. Pie crust cheater slicks were added too. A new type of lights was installed. The vehicle had another skull placed on the front part.

Koach Car Engine

If you looked under the hood of Addams family car, you would see V8 289 cubic-inch engine by Ford. It was originally intended for Cobra, though. The engine included pistons of high compression. Chromed carburetors were used along with cam by Isky. The engine of Addams family car was paired with a manual type of transmission.
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