The Real Cost of Ownership a WRX STI Subaru


One of the most serious financial risks is buying an auto. Not only is it expensive to purchase one but also to maintain it. There is a lot of controversy around how to save on obtaining an auto as well as which one is the most economical. However, the guest of our today’s discussion is Subaru WRX STI.

To begin with, let’s consider brand new WRX STI with all the fees and taxes included. This one will cost you roughly $37,700. If you plan to sell this car later, you are not going to be disappointed because the average price of second-hand WRX STI of good conditions is around $33,000. Hardly can you find another model which will waste $5,000 of your budget when selling it.

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the real cost of ownership subaru wrx sti

Let’s proceed to the aspect of fuel. For instance, Subaru WRX with 23 MPG which requires approximately 13 gallons of gas. If we spend somewhat around $3,25 per gallon the final price is $74 dollars per month.

Moving on to insurance, this is pretty big hit with this vehicle in fact. Even though this aspect is completely stated dependent, STI does not face much difference in different states. So the average price of insurance for this vehicle is around $128 per month which will cost you $350 in two and a half years.

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When considering the aspect of maintenance, it is pretty low in fact. If you take care of you WRX and change the oil frequently enough, it is going to coast you around $17 per month. What is more, you need to swap from summer to winter tires in order keep everything in order. It can cost you $50 every six months. If you do not swap tires and change oil only, it is going to save you a good deal of money as well. Taking into consideration buying particular parts, you can spend a bit more. So the average cost of Subaru WRX maintenance in a period of two and a half years is around $460 dollars.


Paying interest for WRX STI. It is better to pay it off quickly enough to avoid routine after. It will not take too much money of yours, so you do not expect overpaying. The average sum at this point is $100 in a period of two years.

Ultimately, if we calculate all the items mentioned above we can see that the money you will spend on owning Subaru WRX STI is reasonable. The sum is somewhat around $400,000 per month for fuel, insurance, maintenance etc. If we return to the period of two years and a half this sum will amount up to $11,300. In fact, this number is pretty big. However, this price is not that much for the car of such type. Subaru WRX STI is definitely worth of money spent on it.

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