Top 6 The Weirdest Cars


Just as in life, there is a whole world out there of weird and whacky cars. Being truthful, selecting just a handful is difficult; there are thousands.

For the purpose of the article though, we’ve decided that they don’t have to be full-production cars, but they do need to be road legal – capable of being used on the road.
Some you may recognise, but it’s doubtful that you’ll know all of them though.

In no particular order (although number one is our favorite), we give you… The Weirdest Cars!

1) 1972 Outspan Orange Car

Outspan were known for their oranges (the fruit) back in the 70’s in the United Kingdom. As part of their marketing campaigns, they built six special vehicles for promotion, all based on an original Mini albeit with a specially constructed chassis.

Top speed was limited to just 30 MPH, not because of a lack of power or aerodynamics, but because anything over 30 MPH meant the ‘Orange-mobile’ had a tendency to roll over!

2) 1978 Panther 6

The Panther company made the 6-wheeler back in 1977 and launched it in ’78. Only two were ever made, both of them still exist.

The power came from an 8.2 liter Caddy V8 with a twin turbo charging system strapped on for good measure. Panther claimed a top speed of over 200 MPH, although in truth, no one has ever got anywhere near that in reality, perhaps that’s just a confidence issue though!
Said to be inspired by the Tyrrell P34 Formula One car.

3) 1970 Pininfarina Ferrari 512 S Modulo

First unveiled at the 1970 Geneva Auto Show, the Pininfarina Modulo was almost sci-fi looking (although you can’t help thinking that it was the inspiration for the 1977 James Bond Lotus).
It was fitted with a Ferrari V12 engine, pushing out 550 BHP and was capable of 220 MPH. Entry to the cabin was gained by the canopy roof that slid forward, allowing access.

4) 1962 Peel P50

You think you know what a compact is? Think again.

The Peel P50 is in the Guinness Book of Records as the smallest production car ever made. At just 52.8” in overall length. Price when they were first released was just £199, but in March 2016, one sold at a Sotheby’s auction for a record $176,000!

No reverse gear was fitted, but that didn’t matter – it had a handle at the rear that allowed them to be lifted up and pulled backwards.

5) 1983 Citroen 2CV Picasso

OK, this particular model was built by a fan, but it’s still eligible as a road legal car. The little 2CV was designed by Andy Saunders and it features a mis-shapen bodywork just as Pablo Picasso might have envisaged.

The rest of the running gear is completely standard.

6) Dream Car 123

Described as a baby-walker on wheels, the Dream Car 123 is rather … eccentric to say the least.

It has been designed to be safe; “like a tank” says it’s designer. The whole exterior is wrapped in bullet-proof plexiglass and the interior is lined with … that super safe cushion, Bubble wrap. It has four motors powering each wheel, and it has a 240 mile range at 40 MPH thanks to its 80 batteries.

The designer knows that it’s heavy; “with one occupant, it weighs about the same as my 1927 Cadillac with seven occupants – about 8,000 lbs all in”.
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