Things You Shouldn’t Forget While Driving Turbocharged Cars


No type of engine will ever refuse from a breath of fresh air. One of the best ways to help it to direct airflow straight into its throat. This will force the process of induction. It can be achieved by the means of turbocharger as an option. What manufacturers like most are snail of the turbocharger which loves boosting.

Nevertheless, all these rotating joys can give you more, if you stay away from doing some things. Here are some tips which you do need to know to protect your turbocharged type of engine.

Smooth Operating

To begin with, you do not need to drive your vehicle hard straight after you have launched it. One of the reasons is that your engine should get a proper warming up. But what really matters is that oil has to reach a proper temperature in this case.
In the same way, you should be careful when turning your vehicle off after a fast ride. Take time and let things cool down. Thus you will reach an oil temperature which is consistent and circulates through the components of an engine. This is when you need to turn your auto off.

Reasonable Use of Gears

There is a big mistake which can lead to your engine being damaged. Many drivers simply lag when they drive with a moderate speed but with a gear higher. Not only can it bring damage to the engine itself but also strain number of parts for nothing.

Repetition is The Mother of Skill

The following point to dwell upon is the use of fuel. Even though it is a common piece of advice but many drivers tend to neglect. Using octane lower that advised is a bad idea. The fact is turbo engines usually run with a compression rate which is lower. So you need fuel of higher octane in order to minimize the risk of knocking and other similar problems.

No Illogical Driving

Some of the turbos are quite laggy and you obviously do not want to damage the throttle when exiting a corner. It mostly depends on the certain configuration of an auto as well as on your driving skills. When you floor it hard, your turbo spools up in a really short time. Thus, you will have a power shot when it is not necessary. If your wheels are still in a turned state but you are going the opposite direction, it may lead to stronger understeer or certain oversteer even though all you need to make is just a simple line.
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