The Most Controversial Cars In History


Perhaps car market would be a much more boring place, if there were no autos to argue about. Some cars are made so ridiculous that they can scarcely be call vehicles while others offers so many functions that it is impossible to make use of them. So here is our list of ten most controversial autos in car history.

1. Hennessy Venom GT

hennessey venom gt

American and English model with incredible speed and futuristic design. What brings doubt whether it is a production car? Many experts say that it is nothing more than a rebadged Lotus.

2. BMW 2002 Turbo

bmw 2002 turbo

This racy looking model with neat designed was announced as the first production car with a turbocharger from Europe. BMW found it a good idea to use 2002 and turbo written in reverse script. They placed it on front spoiler to so that the auto which is in front could know what is going on behind. Nevertheless, German journalists who have been testing it blamed BMW on being irresponsible.

3. Ford Excursion

ford excursion

In fact it was Hummer H2 which gathered a lot of criticism. Many people found this auto useless. It was a huge SUV made for serious work but mostly used to take children from school.

4. Porsche Cayenne

porsche cayenne

Cayenne sales are amazing which is unforgivable for the first water cooling vehicle from Porsche. So pursuits will never stop chasing this vehicle.

5. Tucker Torpedo

tucker torpedo

This car gathered a lot of hatred in its days. This is an analog of today’s Tesla Model S. Perhaps the problem is that Preston Tucker was not Elon Musk.

6. BMW 7-series E65

bmw 7 series e65

It is a controversy between media and fans again. When this model was first released critics said it was no type of a success. However sales turned out to be record braking.

7. Chevrolet Corvair

chevrolet corvair

Even though this retro car was made with ambitious plans and has won Motor Trend Award for engineering advancement, many drivers found it too dangerous to drive.

8. Chevy Volt

chevrolet volt

This is the auto which promised revolutionary design and numerous features. Nevertheless, it turned out to have poor gas mileage and failed to live up to expectations of being economical. So drivers still hold a controversy. Some find it elegant piece of art while others say it is a white elephant.

9. Toyota Prius

toyota prius

It is claimed to be environmentally friendly vehicle while toxic waste from the used batteries prove different.

10. DeLoran DMC-12

delorean dmc 12

No doubt John DeLoran had all it takes to build a super car. However, politicians who interfered made things change. What we have in a result is one of the slowest sportcars ever.
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