Top 10 The Ugliest Cars Ever Produced


The design of a car is nearly one hundred percent a matter of taste. Some love it, some hate it. The proportions are varied but sometimes a number of people who ‘hate’ outbalance the one who ‘love’. This includes not only concept cars or other experimental vehicles, but also cars you see every day.

10. Scion xB

The top 10 ugliest cars open the Toyota’s Scion xB. In particular, it looks quite possible to qualify to get into the top five ugliest. But we like the brutal design features of this car, although the brutality lives here next to ugliness. Therefore, the natural result – 10th place.

9. Renault Clio Symbol

In 1999, Renault puzzled release of budget cars for developing countries – and the easiest solution found was to create a sedan from the recently debuted hatchback Clio. The big trunk was attached to increment base of the hatchback, even without changing the rear doors. It was the cheapest solution but the rear part of the car looked remarkably inorganic. But lowbrow buyers of developing countries (including the CIS) took this car good – primarily because it is absurd trunk has more than 17,6 cubic ft.

8. Buick Rendezvous

Buick. It sounds expensive and prestigious, isn’t it? But in our chart it is represented in eighth place. 2002 Buick Rendezvous. What is it? Why make such huge rearview mirrors? SUV which grown in height but not in width. Well, after all, were not so lucky with the appearance of the car they have made it even worse gave it droopy ears. The dullest looking front of the car. Ever

7. Ssang Yong Rodius

It certainly a practical and roomy car, but it looks so clumsy, like an illegitimate child from SUV and a bus. The headlights and grille give it the saddest look ever, and in rear it looks like wearing a backpack or something.

6. Reliant Robin

British car industry has always tried to stay aloof. Anyone who has watched a humorous series about the adventures of an eccentric Mr. Bean remembers the eternal confrontation of the protagonist and his Austin Mini with a ridiculous blue three-wheeled van. It is the brainchild of the company Reliant, which produces among other things, ultra low-cost compact cars. Those have become a constant subject of ridicule by British themselves.

5. Mitsuoka Orochi


The 4th place goes to the design geniuses – the Italians. 2002 Fiat Multipla. – An ode to that which a car should not be. This monster gorged itself scares everyone with his double chin, where built-in lights designed to only highlight the ugliness. It looks like it was initially designed by a time traveler from XVIII century who used to look only at carriages.

3. Pontiac Aztec

By the end of 90’s once glorious Pontiac brand began to go from bad to worse. The only thing could save the brand from extinction was the release of unusual, conspicuous car, which have all started to talk. Therefore, the GM which owns the brand, has decided to take a chance and let Aztec crossover be released in its shocking form: angular, with disproportionate windows and narrow doors, a two-level exaggerated headlights and plastic bodywork. We must pay tribute, there was a real buzz about the car. But not in the way that was expected in the Pontiac management. The car with so unsympathetic appearance quite naturally found in consumer recognition: GM expected to sell at least 75 thousand cars a year. However, over the whole 2001 was able to realize three times less – just over 27 thousand ridiculous crossovers. Aztec manufacturing lasted five years and was discontinued in 2005.

2. Weber concept

The second place goes to Weber Concept Car. Despite a surely unattractive appearance, this monster accelerates to 60 mph in just 2.5 seconds and a top speed of merely 240 mph. It disgusting like spoiled jelly, it has nothing to do with the standard of beauty and style. So we hope it will remain a concept car and will never reach the production line.

1. Mohs Ostentatienne Opera Sedan (1967)

This pattern of the American luxury sedan has created by Bruce Moos – a man with a rich imagination. He probably looked too far ahead or just fond of LSD, which was still legal in 1967. His car is huge and spacious, but he decided to keep only one door, and it is located in … right – in back. But as today’s cars of hyped rappers and Eastern sheikhs, his car went to the 20-inch wheels, while the interior decoration has premium wood trimming and a lot of gilding. However, the engine bad coped with 6-ton giant, and most importantly, there was no rappers who have bought this pathos on wheels.
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