Top 10 Vehicles for the Zombie Apocalypse


There is a general state of emergency, the National Guard have been called in and you have less than ten minutes to get out of Dodge!

But what vehicle would you choose? (Assuming that you have the pick of any!)

Something with enough weight to leave a trail of squashed zombies under your wheels? Or perhaps something that could leave them so far behind, you may as well be on another planet?
This is our (fantasy) choice for such an occasion.

10. Trek Remedy Race Shop Limited

Ok, so a cycle isn’t going to give you much protection against the hordes of the undead, but this carbon framed wonder is capable enough to get you pretty much anywhere you need to go, providing you have the legs for it. Start getting fit now!

9. North American Aviation P-51 Mustang

Maybe not that practical, but this legend of the skies has seen more action than Bill Clinton’s cigar humidor. Take to the skies and then do a strafing run with the 6 mounted 0.50 calibre AN/M2 Browning machine guns, loosing off nearly 2,000 rounds. You’re bound to hit a zombie or two.

8. Little Nellie 007 (Wallis WA-116 Agile)

Most famous for its appearance in the 1967 James Bond film, You Only Live Twice, Little Nellie would be a great way to escape the hordes. With a top speed of 100 MPH and a range of 130 miles, you could soon find yourself far enough away to start enjoying yourself in this little autogyro.

7. Ferrari 488 Super Car

Admittedly, when the phrase “zombie apocalypse survival vehicles” crops up, a Ferrari 488 may not be the first choice. But think of this; that low, wide nose is ideal for acting like a snow plow – what could be more fun than watching a load of zombies being launched into the air?

6. Kawasaki ZX14R

The daddy of all superbikes. The big Kwacker has enough speed to launch you into another state within minutes, and if those pesky zombies should get lucky enough to grab hold as you ride past, it has plenty enough torque to rip their arms out their sockets and leave them wondering just what happened.

5. KTM 250 EXC

Not that fast, can only really carry one person (although when those zombies are chasing you, you’re bound to find a little extra room), but this little single cylinder 2-stroke enduro bike will go pretty much anywhere, and thanks to its small motor, is about as frugal with gasoline as you’re ever going to get.

4. Ford Falcon XB GT Coupe aka V8 Interceptor

Main Force Patrol and Max Rockatansky have a lot to answer for; Mad Max was the baddest man in the Australian outback, his choice of vehicle to round up those unruly bikers was this car. Styled to be bad, powered to be badder.

3. Marauder

This is one of those vehicles that we mentioned earlier – heavy enough to leave a trail of zombie guts under its wheels, and should those little critters find themselves armed with a little plastic explosive, the Marauder won’t even notice it, it really will take it in its stride. Added bonus of being able to go pretty much anywhere it (or you) likes – virtually nothing will stop this.

2. High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (Humvee to you and me)

Kind of like the smaller sibling to the Marauder, except (and we never thought we’d say this about a Humvee), it’s a little more practical. Go anywhere utility and if it’s the military version, comes equipped with a 7.62 machine gun – let’s see the zombies outrun that!

1. Ford F-150 Raptor

Enough space to carry the family and the weaponry, with easily accessible load space in the rear (for food, water, machine gun or your buddy Chuck). The Raptor is super practical, sporty enough to leave the undead well behind, has plenty of load space, reliability that some manufacturers can only dream of and looks cool, and let’s be honest here, looking cool while nailing the zombies is part of the battle.

That’s why the Raptor is our number 1 choice.

Truthfully, there is no need for zombie apocalypse vehicle modifications, there are plenty of great vehicles out there, all waiting to take on the undead army.
Our last piece of advice; don’t worry about whether your vehicle will beat the hordes, it only has to beat your neighbor!
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