Top 10 Futuristic Cars – Sneak Peek To The Future of Motoring


Cars have made a long way from the time they had been introduced to the world. They development is so rapid that some of the vehicles look like they have come to us from future. So the list of most futuristic vehicles is here.

10. Toyota i-Road

Cars of the future must think of city environment. Thus, their philosophy is to be compact and small. This Toyota is designed for one or two persons. The model is light and safe. This vehicle is better for the traffic and easy to park. It has hard shell along with warning technologies.

9. KIA Pop

Saving natural recourses are one of the most important futuristic tasks. This is why electric autos are of high importance. KIA shows how such technologies can be implemented. This car has a design from scientific movies. Its lightweight makes this option, even more, energy efficient.

8. Google Self-Driving Car

Cars which do not need a driver will take a place in the future and Google is already working on it. Their latest autonomous vehicles use numerous sensors along with LIDAR system which makes it possible for an auto to scan the e-environment and drive itself without human assistance.

7. Toyota Nori

This is one of the coolest futuristic vehicles. Not only does this model boast about being eco-friendly but about stylish design as well. The body of this model is tightly combined with its chassis. Thus, production of this car includes fewer materials which result in its lower price. In addition, the car loses weight and gains efficiency. Solar cells are used as well.

6. Terrafugia TF-X

What kind of future it is, if there are no flying cars? Terrafugia is the result of experiments conducted to produce a car which can move in traffic and fly over it. This futuristic vehicle has propellers which make it possible for this auto to take off the ground as high as 500 miles reaching up to 200 MPH.


This model has a history of 15 years. There have been several variants of this vehicle. Its body is made of super light materials. The model is ultra-strong with seamless fabric which can take a different shape to let spoilers emerge with the whole body.

4. Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion

This vehicle takes into account all the best features described above and combines them with a comfortable ride. It is an autonomous car which gives a driver an opportunity to relax when traveling. Using latest materials it has the body which lights and durable as well.

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3. Cadillac Aera

Cadillac does not chase for creating futuristic vehicles but it does chase for a car which is efficient, stylish and reliable. Its body is ultra-stylish produced with the latest aerodynamic technologies which are good for fuel efficiency as well. The body of the auto is extremely durable and strong owing to use of air cells.

2. Chevrolet EN-V

GM has started working with Segway and SAIC to create an untypical type of car. Its purpose is to make traveling easier in cities with dense population. Its compact body will help to move traffic faster. This vehicle is eco-friendly and well-balanced in order to crash itself.

1. Mercedes-Benz BIOME

This model has become the symbol of futuristic technologies. Not only does it look different but it is also made of different materials. The manufacturers do not produce it, they literally grow it. The car uses natural materials combining them with modern technologies. Its feature is a material known as BioFibre.
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