A Girl from Toyota Commercials – Facts You Didn’t Know


Toyota commercials are sometimes a piece of art with their effects. It’s not a surprise that they have made a few actors famous. One of them is Laurel Coppock better known as Toyota Jan actress. She’s a mysterious actress because some facts of her biography are not shared by the media.

Where did she come from?

This actress got recognition owing to her roles in “Crazy, Stupid Love”, “Comedy Jam” and “Food Chain”. Even though her origins are rather vague we know that she comes from the East Coast. She started her studies in Maine at Colby College and continued it in NYC at the Square Acting Conservatory. It’s also known that she studied in Chicago and even in Amsterdam. Coppock has a degree from Harvard and also from Yale. So she had a lot of experience before moving to L.A. So what is Toyota Jan age? This is still a big mystery since there’s no source disclosing this information.

Laurel got married which is a fact now. Her husband’s name is Bobby Mort. He’s an actor as well. He’s known for such films as Beatdown and Locked down. He’s a comedian and author as well. They have a child and they don’t think about a divorce which used to be among numerous gossips some time ago. Toyota Jan baby age also stays unknown. She still lives in L.A. and works for The Groundlings company which is a sketch and improv comedy group.

Toyota Ads

The actress became popular after she was seen in Toyota commercial. You must remember that advertisement where she was a receptionist Jan at Toyota Dealership. She became a beloved actress in this type of commercials. It’s a decade now that she’s on the screen. You could also see her acting on Arrested Development, Broke Girls and in The Office, 2.As a result Toyota Jan salary must’ve become much higher. Many people ask was Laurel pregnant when acting for Toyota commercial? As far as we can judge from the most sources the answer is positive.

Before Laurel got to Toyota she had the idea to give her actress activity up because she wasn’t very successful but as soon as she signed a contract with the company things improved dramatically. In fact, the whole Laurel’s family is involved in the creative activity. For example, her sister Selena is a successful standup comedian and author. Another sister of hers whose name is Emily works at art appraiser as a dealer. Even her mother has released a memoir.

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