Toyota Concept-i Road Version In Details


Fantastic, incredible, amazing. You can’t stay away from enthusiastic adjectives when you see Toyota Concept-i. This model is something out of this world. It looks excellent in terms of design. It smooth and monolith body is more like a car from a futuristic story.

This is the top of the iceberg only because the most interesting things are much more serious. Its AI is so smart that it can sense your emotions for example. How is it possible? Let’s try to investigate it.

AI Comes To Roads

First of all, Toyota i Concept has a unique personality which is a big advantage for sure. It has an elegant body of a unique style. Its doors are of a scissor-hinged type which makes this vehicle even more stylish than you could’ve imagined. It goes without saying that this car is equipped with an ultra-smart artificial intelligence so it can drive itself.

So this is Concept-i AI which is a matter of praise. As stated, Toyota i Concept can spark a relationship with a driver. So many critics and drivers already compare this vehicle with Kirobo Mini robot. You can already buy it in Japan if interested.

Driver Is Still Responsible

It’s an outstanding idea to make Toyota i road Concept alive so to speak. It can measure how attentive a driver is. It’s also said that this car is made to measure your emotions in order to minimize the risk of an accident happening. It’s still unclear how Toyota is going to achieve it but they do work on this technology. Another piece of good news is that Concept-i takes care of geographic locations.

It can also analyze road conditions which make this vehicle extremely safe. At least in theory. The result is that the car can adjust the amount of autonomous intervention which is going to make the driving process easier. The question is how safe such an approach will be. What if the vehicle will get out of control?

Since the carmaker still sees a driver as the person in charge when inside of the car they have equipped their Concept with a steering wheel and two pedals which are responsible for acceleration and slowing down.

Car Interface

Toyota i road Concept can boast about a sophisticated interface named Yui. It is made to show you all the data about your car. For example, you can see the driving mode was chosen which can be automated or manual. There’s also a type of greeting accessible in any language.

The car also warns you about dangerous situations using its interface. As for the powertrain, it still stays unknown. Toyota i road Concept is still far from the market so it’s quite early to make any certain assumptions about it.
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