Toyota is planning to build a flying car with propeller


Can you imagine that after a hard day you get inside of your car, start the engine, press a button and get in the air? You are free out of traffic and enjoy the navy blue sky. Toyota is said to make this dream come true. According to the latest rumors, the automaker is planning to build a car with a propeller.

toyota flying car patent
At first, Toyota Motor Company claimed that their idea has been misinterpreted. They are not going to make a car which flies over the city. They have the intention to create a vehicle which can slightly get off the ground like a hovercraft. However, Toyota patented a new invention later on. Its details have leaked and we know that it was an aero car with a wing which is stackable and able to get atop of the aero car. Even though there are no proves of it being that very car with a propeller but there is a high likelihood of it. No sketches or drafts have been shown yet either.

flying car concept

We can predict that such aero car will be slightly different from a typical hatchback or coupe since it will operate with a propeller on its back. It means that aero car will mainly use a motor found in the rear part of its body. Some sources assume that when such vehicle is on the ground it can stow wings under the body panels. That is why we can expect fuselage of shape shifting type which is made of tensile skin. Some of those flying cars which exist today are far from being convenient since their wings fold against fuselage when on land. First of all, such approach to storing wings can bring damage to them. What is more, it causes the higher use of fuel which makes a car less economical.

toyota flying car concept
Nevertheless, Toyota is not a pioneer in the sphere of cars which can fly. Henry Ford intended to develop this idea much earlier. He refused from it when his friend fatally crashed during testing. Hardly can we say that Ford was the firestarter but he was one of the first people who began to develop this dream. The project he was working on was known as “sky flyer”. This is a tribute to his Model T. which used be overwhelmingly popular in early days. Since Ford made his effort there has been a problem what to do with the wings of aero car. Nonetheless, Moulton Tylor who was an inventor offered a good decision in 1949. According to his plot, there had to be detachable wings of 30-foot folding. They could keep a car aloft at 110 MPH.
No matter how unrealistic the idea of flying home from work sounds, there are serious attempts to implement it into everyday life. Since Henry Ford times and up to our days this concept has made a long way. Now that Toyota Company is getting the hold of it, we can expect to see realistic results in the near future.
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