Toyota Prius Compared With Rivals by Fuel Efficiency


Toyota Prius is one of the most best-selling hybrid vehicles in the world. People love it because of high reliability and low fuel consumption. Is it true that Prius mpg is the highest? Let’s find out.

toyota prius

Toyota Prius fuel economy

Toyota Prius hybrid gas mileage is very high, due to the usage of advanced technologies and perfect body shape. The first generation Prius mpg wasn’t so spectacular – 42 mpg for city driving. And it was compact sedan, comparable in size to Volkswagen Golf. The second generation Prius was increased in size and refer to mid-size class. Despite it became bigger and got more powerful engine, 2nd gen Toyota Prius mpg was increased up to 48 mpg in city mode. Third generation Toyota Prius mpg 2010 model year due to many improvements increased to 51 mpg for city. 2015 Toyota Prius mpg is the same, EPA estimated 51 mpg in city, 48 mpg in highway and 50 mpg combined. Toyota Prius fuel economy is one of the best in its class.

Toyota Prius C fuel efficiency

The most compact Toyota hybrid, Toyota Prius C is the most fuel efficient. Toyota Prius C mpg reaches astonishing 53 mpg for city driving, 50 mpg for combined cycle and 46 mpg for highway. All this figures are estimated by EPA, Japanese ratings are even higher – 94 mpg. Prius C is more economical in city driving.


Hybrid cars are very popular nowadays, almost every big auto maker offer a few hybrid model in its line up. Let’s see what hybrid car you can buy for the price of Toyota Prius.

chevrolet volt

Chevrolet Volt

Chevrolet Volt refers to compact-class cars (as Toyota Prius C) and has different approach to fuel economy issue. Its internal combustion engine is working as generator for generating electricity for electric motor moving the wheels. You could also plug it to electric grid and juice the batteries. It helps to achieve 62 mpg for combined but this figures also include mpg equivalent for EV-mode only driving, all-electric range for Chevrolet Volt is 38 miles. Overall it is a good combination of electric and conventional vehicle but starting price is about $35 000, for that money you could buy top trim level Toyota Prius with all options or Prius plug-in hybrid.

honda civic hybrid

Honda Civic hybrid

You could read the full comparison between Toyota Prius and Honda Civic here. The results are not in favor to Civic – it is more expensive, less equipped and with small trunk capacity. The only reason to prefer Honda if you don’t like futuristic Prius design.


Toyota Prius has the best fuel economy for its price incomparable for other hybrids including upcoming 2016 Chevrolet Malibu hybrid version. And Toyota offers the hybrid cars for almost every customer – Prius C for youth living in cities, Prius V for family, Highlander hybrid for crossover SUV lovers, etc.

Prices, specifications, options, features of related cars could change without notice. You could find up to date information on car maker offical website.

All information above is relevant for US version of the cars.
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