Toyota Prius Produced In 2016 Is Under Recall


Toyota Prius is reported to be faulty. According to the latest information provided by Toyota their Prius 2016 and 2017 have braking problems which can result in a serious crash. Around 90,000 cars are recalled to prevent tragedies.

To be more precise, Toyota has stopped sales of Prius models. The reason is faulty parking brake cables. Engineers say that there is a problem at this part. 2016 and 2017 models of this vehicle which were produced from August 2015 to October 2016 are said to be risky for drivers. The total amount of cars which have such a flaw is 91,585. Some of the brand new vehicles which are still being sold by dealers are also recalled. Their amount is around 19,500 cars.

Braking Issue

It all began in May 2016. Carmaker was bombarded with complaint letters from customers saying that their cars had a problem. It was connected with brake cables which were disengaged from crank lever of parking brake operated by foot. When Prius was left in any gear, the auto could roll away. By the way this model switches to Park mode when it is turned off. Thus, numerous crashes and even fatal cases were unavoidable. What is more, there 64 warranty claims which may have a relation to this problem according to field reports by Toyota.

It is good to know that Toyota has sent official letters to dealers stating that new Prius cannot be sold. Otherwise dealers will be punished by law, if selling recalled models. Moreover, Toyota is not going to sell pre-ordered vehicles either. They ask dealers not to sell such cars until they are totally fixed. Thus, drivers’ safety is under control. Toyota has not stopped at this point. The automaker also insists on rentals and loaners being removed. They promise to return all the models back to sales as soon as they are repaired. If you have already bought a Prius like this you can expect a letter which will inform you about necessity to recall your car. Such notices are already being delivered to owners.

If you ask when Toyota is going to start fixing recalled cars, the carmaker say that they plan to proceed to working on this issue from this December. You do not need to worry about money because all the cars will be fixed free of charge. Toyota has already proved it officially.

To drivers’ relief this issue is not that difficult to fix. In addition, other vehicles by Toyota do not use cable assemblies of similar type. So, there is no reason for owners of other cars to worry about this aspect. Dealers do not need much to. They have to use a parking brake clip and make sure that reported cars are really faulty. Clip kits are already being sent to dealers by Toyota. Such a situation is not that good for Toyota. Since sales of Prius have decreased during this year such an issue is unlikely to improve them.
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