Toyota Recalls Two Lexus Cars and New RAV4 SUV


In the Toyota RAV4 and Lexus RX 350 crossovers, as well as sedans Lexus ES 350 is found defective brake actuator in charge of the work of active safety systems. Fault can lead to incorrect operation of these systems, the loss of control of the vehicle and in a result crash.

At the moment recall concerns 16 thousand cars of 2016 model year sold in the United States, later the exact number of vehicles to be inspected will be clarified. The Japanese manufacturer has found a factory defect in the hydraulic unit, which is fastened to the work ABS, traction control and stability control. Fault can lead to incorrect operation of the unit and as a consequence – failure in the functioning of above mentioned systems.

Car Problems

toyota recall rav4

The inability to stop the right wheel in cornering or braking is fraught with the loss of control, the departure from the road and the accident, but fortunately, not a single incident involving the detection of defects, has not officially recorded.

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toyota recall lexus rx

Mechanics of authorized service centers check the serial numbers of the recalled car actuators in the catalog, and if they find that the key to active safety systems assembly are at risk, free to replace it with a similar from the other party.

toyota recall lexus es

Once Again

It’s not the first time in 2016 Toyota recall produced vehicles. In February, Toyota announced a global recall of 2.87 million Toyota RAV4 crossovers last generation who have found a constructive miscalculation that could lead to breakage of seat belts.

In February, the Japanese firm also announced the recall of the US market of 320 thousand Toyota and Lexus SUVs of 2003-2006 model years because of an error in the electronic window airbag control unit, which can lead to accidental triggering curtains and seat belt pretensioners.

In late January, Toyota has already recall from the US market of 5 thousand 2016 model year Lexus RX. Then the reason for checking was defective knee airbags.
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