Toyota released 50th anniversary version of Corolla


This year, the Toyota Corolla is celebrating the fiftieth anniversary. On the occasion of this North American division of the Japanese company has released a limited edition cars in 50th Anniversary trim level.

Toyota names Corolla the most mass-producted car in the world, but it is more correct to talk about the most popular name of the model, or even a family of models as the Corolla in half a century has changed eleven generations that are significantly different from each other constructively. And the continuous release of a specific car, as is the case with VW’s Beetle or Indian Hindustan Ambassador, in this case it was not. In addition, there are very different version of the Corolla for different markets.

toyota corolla 50th anniversary

Scarcity of powertrain range , however, did not prevent the US Corolla to become the second most popular car models in the country for 2015 – 363,332 cars has been sold. Overall, 43 million Corollas in the world sold in 50 years.

On the occasion of special date will be made 8000 special Corollas in 50 th Anniversary Special Edition trim. Technically commemorative car does not differ from the bulk counterparts and in addition will receive a commemorative nameplates practically the whole arsenal of the additional equipment.

toyota corolla 50th anniversary

As for the restyled regular cars, they are in addition to the external upgrade and light cosmetic changes in the cabin, and has got a new set of active safety systems, namely the pedestrian detection system, active cruise control and traffic lane keep with the steering assist.

The current generation Toyota Corolla will hold on the line at least for another two years.

toyota corolla 50th anniversary
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