Toyota Sienna Recalls 744K Minivans


The car being recalled is a common case. For example, Ford set a record once. They recalled 21 million of their cars. The leader at this area is still Takata with their tragically known air bags. 70 million cars were recalled and this is the biggest number so far. One of the companies which have started recalling cars recently is Toyota. Fortunately, they haven’t broken any records and there were no tragedies.

According to the official sources, Toyota has announced a recall of their Sienna models. The company has already proved this information. They do recall their Sienna vehicles for safety reasons. The recall applies to the models which have been released from 2011 to 2016. Quite a big number, isn’t it? It was estimated that the company recalls around 744,000 vehicles. It applies to the U.S. market only.

What is the reason for such a mass recall? Toyota explains that they have detected a problem with a sliding door of their minivans. If you want more details here they are. The carmaker says that when you impede a sliding door operation a problem arises. It’s connected with the motor circuit of the door mentioned. In this case, motor circuit is getting kind of overloaded which inevitably leads to undesirable results. Thus fuse responsible for the motor is getting opened.

So why is it dangerous to use a vehicle with such a problem? The answer is simple enough. If all this process described above occurs when the door latch stays in an unlatched position it will lead to an uncontrolled result. Which one? The door will simply open while driving. Hardly can it be acceptable and Toyota can’t sell such vehicle. So it’s reasonable that they have decided to recall so many minivans of theirs.

How exactly is Toyota going to improve the situation with their faulty vehicles? Well, the company says that they’re currently working on a special remedy to sort it all out somehow. Those of you who own a car like this should contact Toyota dealers to have their vehicles repaired. In addition, Toyota promises to notify all the known owners of such dangerous cars by mid-January.
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