Toyota Venza vs Honda Crosstour – Same Aim but Different Recipe


Choosing the right crossover isn’t always simple. This time we’ll focus on mid-size Toyota Venza and Honda Crosstour. Both of them are comfortable enough to accommodate five passengers but what makes them different?

Which One Is the Prettiest

Speaking of exterior Toyota Venza is quite standard-looking. It sits quite high above the ground. In addition it has agent lines which are quite efficient. Honda Crosstour has some resemblance with Venza at first sight. Though its body includes aluminum and weighs from 3,700 pounds. Its wheelbase starts from 17 inches. Even though Venza has nice fog lights, hind lights clusters and well-made headlights Crosstour offers something as well. It comes with a massive front grille wearing a neat looking pair of headlights. In addition it’s equipped with a small spoiler at the rear part. Perhaps Honda Crosstour isn’t as aggressive as Venza.

Crosstour looks much sportier and bigger than Venza (especially the rear part), so both cars keeps traditions of brand – Honda is more streamlined, while Venza a bit chunky (especially in the rear end), which feels more housewives oriented.

What Feels More Comfortable

Fans of Venza can enjoy a lot of space which is enough for a big family. It has some luxurious features. The general description for Venza’s interior says that it’s something fashionable. To some extent, Honda Crosstour loses in terms of luxury and comfort. Its interior combines fine materials and plastics. They feel quite hard but all the systems works harmoniously. The good thing is that Venza provides GPS navigation and stereo speakers.

There’s also Bluetooth connectivity and other modern details. A high level of comfort is a guarantee. Things are different with Crosstour. You can’t get the same amount of modern features with this vehicle but you’ll have better safety system. It includes Forward Collision, Lane Departure Warning Systems, and a rear-view backup camera.Venza has better quality and better-equipped interior in comparison with Crosstour, but both provide high level of comfort and ergonomics.

Who’s the Strongest

Underneath the hood of Venza you can find a 2.7-litre engine powerful enough to give out 181 horsepower and 182 lb-ft of torque. Honda Crosstour inevitably wins in this case. First of all, the weakest variant which you can find is 2.4-litre inline-4 DOHC which outputs 192 horsepower which is better than Venza’s unit. A stronger variant is 3.5-litre SOHC engine of V6 kind. This one provides 278 horsepower which is significantly more than Venza has (even in V6 version, which has 268 HP out of 3.5L engine).

So who is winner in this battle? It’s quite difficult to say. On the one hand, we have Toyota Venza with a plenty of cargo space, modern interior and latest features. On the other hand, there’s Honda Crosstour which isn’t that fashionable in terms of devices but looks better. If you want to save some fuel then Toyota Venza is your best bet. If you’re interested in better handling, it’s worth buying Honda Crosstour then.
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