Toyota’s Youth-Oriented Scion Brand Ceased


In the nearest future, one more car company will be closed. Now it is one Toyota’s experiments on North American market – Scion, which produced models, specially developed by Toyota. The existing Scion-branded models are likely to discontinue or rebadged. Despite good marketing and unique models, Scion hasn’t gained much popularity, compared to the other Toyota subbrands.

The Lexus, of course, deserved the honor and respect, especially in the States. But the Scion brand, created for the youth customers, will go soon to the river of time.

Goodbye, Scion

According to the Motor Trend publication, Scion employees have already announced this decision, and now everyone is waiting for the official statement. The brand was created in 2002 and the best sales result recorded in 2006, when realized 173 034 cars. Since 2009, sales fell by half and remained very moderate – in the past year, for example, only 56,167 cars had been sold.

scion brand

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But Scion – relatively affordable brand, designed for a younger audience. Approximately the same number in the United States will buy much more expensive Porsche, and premium Lincoln even twice more. The paradox is that, according to various studies, the average customers do not pull on the young men, their average age – 49 years old! The scheme, according to which the buyer starts with the Scion, then, growing up, drifting to the lineup of Toyota and eventually becomes the owner of the Lexus, did not work.

The Scion, along with finally sentenced Saab, will enter into a long list of brands, closed for the past two decades. The largest losses suffered US, where missed the Pontiac and Oldsmobile brands, as well as Hummer, Saturn, Mercury, Plymouth and Eagle.

The Scion lineup, largely make up the badge-engineering Toyota models, such as FR-S (facelifted GT86 Coupe) and Scion iM hatchback (Toyota Auris). There is even a fancy sedan Scion iA – disguised Mazda 2.
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