Why Traffic Jams Actually Occur


Traffic jams are one the most serious sore points of the modern city environment. It can take you hours to make your way to work in densely populated areas. However, what causes this process and can we find decisions to reduce it? Let’s try to find it out.

A Lot of Cars, Lack of Roads

One of the most obvious to the question of traffic jams is simple. Too many people drive their cars at rush hours and amount of roads is not enough to let this flow stream smooth. Perhaps building more roads can help but how long can you maintain this process? We can easily end up in tangling ourselves with long highways and it will do no good. A sensible decision would be to start using public transport more often. It would dramatically decrease the number of vehicles used.

why traffic jams occur

Why traffic jams occur: Understanding Aspect

Another culprit of extravagant traffic is simply a human factor. Some people just cannot see the whole picture of the traffic system. Some of us mostly focus on events around them but do not predict what their actions may lead to. Hardly can it be resolved that easily. It is a matter of experience which can be gained by the method of trial and error only.

Inconsistent Speed

One more factor responsible for road congestion is that people cannot maintain a steady speed while driving. We tend to speed or slow down which makes the whole traffic irregular so to say. Japanese researchers have even conducted an experiment in which they asked people to drive with constant speed in a circle. As you can guess, the experiment was a failure. A good way out could be the use of self-driving vehicles. They would improve this aspect dramatically owing to their ability of advanced interaction with each other. So that they could calculate distance, speed, and the presence of other objects in their way. Unfortunately, such autos are legal in California only.

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Zipper Merge

What is more, traffic is getting tenser when someone tries to merge changing lanes. In fact, people tend to do it in advance. The reason is obvious, we feel embarrassed to wait until the very last moment. In addition, we felt anxious that other autos will not allow us to merge if we do it too late. In fact, such approach is far from being productive. It would be much safer and easier to drive if the vehicle could merge at the end. As if it was on a huge zipper.

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Unconscious Factors

One of the reasons which make people drive in an aggressive way rests on our mind. For example, people tend to speed up and break rules when they are close to their home. Feeling of the habitual area indicates that you are in safety and you become more self-confident. Drivers also have a tendency to neglect bicyclists when the latter ones wear helmets. It also leads to numerous problems.

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