Trim Levels Of Hyundai Santa Fe


New Hyundai Santa Fe which has arrived as 2017 generation has gone through a significant overhaul. Now the vehicle has become much larger. The juicy part about this production is the approach to the trims. They’re split according to the seating configuration. You can choose SE or SE Ultimate trims with seven seats and Limited or Limited Ultimate models with six seats. The next 2018 Santa Fe trim levels are likely to be formed in the same way.

SE Trim

Let’s start with SE. Its MSRP goes as $30,800 – $32,550 which isn’t bad at all. For this money you’ll have 3.3-litre engine of V6 type paired to a 6-speed transmission. This FWD variant will give you 290 horsepower with 252 lb-ft of torque. Its wheels are of 18 inches containing silver aluminum. When safety is concerned, you can rely on ABS and driveline Traction control. To make you feel more comfortable there’re front and rear air conditioning. The 1st row is equipped with LCD monitor. Mirrors of this trim level are heated.

Limited Trim

Another trim level is known as Limited which will cost you from $34,950 to $36,700. It includes such additional features as Front Fog and driving lights. If you wish to, you can opt for a leather interior. The seats will look more stylish and cool in this case. The vehicle of this trim also includes driver and front passenger heated-cushion. Its seatback is also heated as well as the front seats. In other words this trim is good for those drivers who love warmth.

SE Ultimate Trim

The next one in line is SE Ultimate trim. This variant is a bit more expensive because its price is $38,700 – $40,450. Is SE Ultimate worth of the money spent? Let’s see. Among the additional features you can find parking assist which is highly smart along with a nice navigation system. These technologies are quite well-built. LCD monitor is provided for those who seat on the first and second row. Its wheels are larger in comparison to previous trims. They’re of 19 inches and made of silver aluminum too. Sliding and tilting glass roof is provided for the first and second rows.

Limited Ultimate Trim

The last one on this list is the most expensive Limited Ultimate trim. Its price is $39,400 – $41,150. This variant offers Smart Cruise control technology with a useful Start/Stop function. Plus, if you choose this trim, you’ll enjoy an Automatic Emergency Braking which automatically detects pedestrians. In addition, there’s such a system as Lane Departure Warning which is another advantage. Electronic Parking Brake with Automatic Vehicle Hold is also onboard making your drive much better. The headlights are equipped with High Intensity Discharge system. Dynamic Bending Light with High Beam Assist are another reason to choose this level of trim.
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