Uber Flying Cars Arrive In A Decade


Uber continues to launch most revolutionary and futuristic startups. The company has not stopped on self-driving cars in Pittsburgh. Now it shares plans about first flying cars ever.

In fact, Uber has the plan to release the first flying vehicle in a decade. It is going to be a fleet of models which can be called on-demand. They will have an opportunity of taking off and landing in a vertical way. As promised, these vehicles will be of the electric type. The project announced is named as “Elevate”. Such approach will make the process of traveling much faster. For example, it will take you around 15 minutes to get from San Francisco to Silicon Valley. When asked about the price of such flying taxi, Uber says that it will be as much as a typical ride. At least in theory.

However, such vehicles are not classical flying cars the way you imagine them. According to Uber, they use more exciting way of traveling by air which takes you beyond the borders of traffic jams. Thus, they are going to combine on-road experience with flying opportunities making the most popular dream come true. To achieve this goal, Uber is not going to focus on design and technologies as on primary objective. First of all, they are going to solve legal issues, to monitor the market and ring private parties together with government.

Uber is rather enthusiastic about the idea of flying cars. They say that building such a vehicle is not the biggest challenge. They plan to produce the first car of the type in five years. This model will be able to land and take off in a vertical way as it has been mentioned before. In addition, the vehicle will be able to fly around 100 miles at 150 MPH on average. It is said that such auto will have enough space for a few passengers and a pilot. The process of a flight can already be predicted. It is believed that such cars will use fixed wing technologies. They will be able to take off by the means of helipads. After that, a vehicle like this will swing its propellers forward to provide you with a safe and stable flight.

Potential partners of Uber? There is a plenty of them. For example, NASA offers some of its technologies to be implemented into Uber’s project. Joby Aviation from California is another partner that wants to make business with such innovative company as Uber.

All in all, Uber has already achieved success in launching such innovative technologies as autonomous vehicles. And the company is going to develop it further. Uber is ambitious enough but they definitely have experience in pioneering unknown areas. This is why the possibility of first flying fleet arriving at the market in a decade is rather high.

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