Ultimate 6×6 Offroader Made of Ferret Scout


Toyo tires manufacturer recently uploaded an advertisement video, which rapidly go viral. Mainly because of Ultimate 6×6 Toyo Ferret truck made of military armored vehicle used by British Army.

Ferret Scout History

Ferret Scout which has an official name as Ferret armoured car is a vehicle used by British military forces. Its main purpose is to fulfill tasks connected with reconnaissance. It means this vehicle has a higher level of protection and all types of features to detect and track down enemies. If you think that Ferret Scout is packed with all types of spying gadgets and cutting edge features, you are far from being right. In fact, this vehicle can be called vintage since it was created in the beginning of 50s. It has been in production for twenty years only since Daimler, the company responsible for Scout, stopped this series in the 70s. Ferret gained a lot of love among soldiers and was adapted to their use in a number of ways.

ferret scout
There was the second era of this tank on wheels. Ferret Mark 2 was also produced. Its advantage was lighter body along with the ability to carry heavier turrets. Mark 2 was designed to operate in city environments but it still could do its job in forests, deserts, and other areas. Nevertheless, British army does not use this guy anymore.

Ferret Scout Engine and Specifications

The first Ferret Scout was created as 4×4. Daimler company was also responsible for the production of another military vehicle known as Dingo. So Scout has inherited some of its parts and design aspects. For instance, it shared the same drivetrain of H shape. While the height of this vehicle was noticeably lower in comparison to its predecessor.

ferret scout mk2

Its suspension included transverse links along with coil springs of a single kind. Its transmission allowed providing better torque. Scout car worked on Rolls-Royce petrol engine which had 4.26 litre as well as four cylinders. It was cooled by means of water. There was gearbox of five speeds with a productivity of 117 horsepower at 3,300 RPM.

Ferret Scout Today as a Show Car

However, it is wrong to think that this legend is gone. Thus, Toyo Tires company has started a new campaign to sell their freshly born Open Country rubber. They use classical Ferret Scout with 175 horsepower engine from Vanden Plas Princess for this purpose. The man at the wheel is no other than BJ Baldwin.
Ferret Scout of today has a few modifications which improve its off-road performance and make it more up to date. Now it works on LS V8 and has to more wheels right in the middle. Thus, it is 4×4 no more. Modern Scout is 6×6. The wheels are controlled by the means of hydraulic motors. The suspension has being improved by King Shocks. Its turret does not act as a weapon now. Its task is to launch a grappling hook. Nevertheless, there is a feeling that this new vehicle is made rather for show purposes, not for a real drive.

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