Upcoming Camaro ZL1 Has Ridiculously Long First Gear


New rumors around upcoming Camaro ZL 1 spread with a speed of light. Some say that this is going to be an auto with incredible electronic features providing you with cutting edge devices. Others predict it to be ultra-light with new materials coming into the picture. Time will show which side is right and which predictions are true to life, however, one thing is undoubtful. New era Camaro ZL 1 will be a monster of speed shocking you with impressive productivity as well as acceleration.

To begin with, this model will stunt you with the latest version of the V8 engine which is equipped with incredible 6.2 litres of capacity. It goes without saying that such a power plant cannot be anything less than supercharged type. How far are you going to like that output power of this muscle car is somewhat around 650 HP. Is not it a matter of pride?

upcoming camaro zl1 has ridiculously long first gear

Nevertheless, Chevrolet goes further. They pair their impressive engine with automatic transmission of 10 speeds. It is promised that upcoming ZL will grow through its best acceleration phase providing you unique opportunities. The auto will also be offered with a six-speed type of transmission which is going to be one a few cars of such kind. Nothing so seriously fast has ever left U.S. factory ever before.

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0-60 in one gear

Even though it is quite early to expect any detailed reviews about ZL1, there is a serious reason to rely on particular specs of this auto. The fact is that the leading engineer of the company whose name is Al Oppenheiser has claimed that this new marvel will accelerate up to 60 MPH in first gear which is 96 KMH. Hardly can a vehicle with poor specifications reach this goal. Thus, we can really hope to see something fantastic from upcoming auto.

upcoming camaro zl1

By the way, as for the model of the previous generation of Camaro ZL1, its speed record was 60 MPH in 4.0 second. It was achieved with manual box onboard. While its power was impressive as well providing you 580 HP. Moreover, the auto started to lug being somewhat around 220 pounds which are more in comparison to the model in progress.

All in all, the new project of U.S. automaker is decisive enough to blow your mind. With mid 3 second range, this marvelous vehicle is going to hit 60 clicks. Moreover, its manual gear box is something you will like for certain.

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