Used Toyota Prius reviews


We introducing new type of articles – reviews of used cars variants. To continue the hybrid topic, we begin with popular Toyota Prius hybrid.

Toyota sold over 1,4 millions of Toyota Prius cars in US in period for 14 years from 2000. It is true best-seller among hybrid cars. So we will find out how much will cost second-hand Priuses generation to generation. Here is the used Toyota Prius reviews.

toyota prius generations

First generation Toyota Prius (2001-2003)

Despite the fact that the first Prius appeared in 1997 in Japan, it begin to sold officially in US only in 2001 when facelifted NHW11 model was introduced. The first generation Toyota Prius is 4-door compact sedan.

2001 toyota prius front


NHW11 Prius has more powerful drivetrain than 1997-2001 NHW10 Prius, powersteering and air conditioner is in standard trim. It was marketed by Toyota as a car between Corolla and Camry. It has 1.5L 4 cylinder engine producing 70 hp and 33kW (44 hp) electric motor with 274V Ni-MH battery.

2001 toyota prius interior

The overall hybrid powertrain output is 98 hp. The fuel consumption figures for the NHW11 Prius when it was new was 42 mpg for city, and 41 mpg for highway and combined.


Variants and pricing

You could buy the cheapest first generation Prius made in 2001 in good condition for about $3 700 to $ 4 000 with more than 150 000 miles mileage and minor scratches or minor equipment mulfunction.

For $4 000 up to $5 000 you could buy 2001 Prius in mint condition.


Newest and the most low-mileage NHW11 Prius made in 2003 with less than 45 000 miles and in perfect condition costs around $8 000

If you are not afraid of high mileage or dead battery you might find first gen Prius for $2 500 or less.

Second generation Toyota Prius (2003-2009)

Toyota Prius XW20 (or NHW20) debuted in 2003 as 2004 model year car. In comparison with the first generation Prius it is completely different car. It became wider, longer, higher and transformed to 5-door hatchback with good aerodynamics. In 2005 the car undergo minor cosmetic changes.

2005 toyota prius front


The second generation Prius got the same engine as facelited 1st gen Prius but producing 76 hp and received more powerful 50 kW (67 hp) electric motor with 201 V battery.

The total output of hybrid powertrain increased to 110 hp. The EPA-rated fuel consumption for the second generation Prius is 48 mpg for city, 45 mpg for highway and 46 mpg combined.



Variants and pricing

The cheapest variant of the second generation Toyota Prius you could buy for about $3 800 for over 180 000 miles car made in 2004 with little dents on the body and shabby seats.

For about $10 000 you may find 2nd gen Prius in mint condition, with low mileage about 45 000, made in 2007. You can find 2009 Prius for the same price but with 90 000 miles or more.

If you want the car in the perfect condition and in the top trim level, it will cost you around $16 000 for 2009 car with less than 30 000 miles of mileage.

Third generation Toyota Prius (2009 – present)

The third generation Toyota Prius debuted in 2009 as 2010 model year model. This generation Prius reached full marketing success, more than 1,5 millions of 3rd gen Priuses was sold worldwide.

The overall shape of the body remains unchanged, but the front of the body and interior was completely redesigned. In 2011 the car was facelifted and get new equipment features including optional roof solar panel.

2010 toyota prius


The third generation Toyota Prius got more powerful powertrain including new 1.8L 4 cylinder engine developing 98 hp with slightly updated electric motor and battery.

The total output of the hybrid system increased to 134 horsepower. The EPA-estimate fuel efficiency is also improved to 51 mpg for city, 48 mpg for highway and 50 mpg combined.

2010 toyota prius interior


Variants and pricing

The cheapest variant to buy 3rd gen Prius is to choose the car used as a taxi cab. It has mileage around 350 000 -370 000 miles (made in 2010) for less than $4 000.

You can find used Toyota Prius hybrid made in 2010 in mint condition for about $13 000 with the mileage of about 80 000 miles.

You could save money by finding last year (2014) Priuses with extra low mileage (about 4 000) which will cost you from $17 000 to $19 000 depending on trim level.


Good condition Toyota Prius hybrid used for many years keep its price very well because it is very reliable car. Used Toyota Prius reviews are positive, even the high-mileage cars stay firm and durable. You may spend from $3 000 for first generation Prius up to $ 19 000 for an almost new car. But you could add a little and purchase 2015 Toyota Prius C.

toyota prius generations


All information presented in this article is limited to fact-finding. All information referred to the cars available for US and selling in US second hand market.
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