V8 Powered Mustang Became a Bestseller in Europe


According to the latest surveys, Ford Mustang is one of the best-sellers in Europe, especially in Germany. Official importers sell their models out as soon as they get them. So, gray importers come into play selling Ford Mustang without warranty but for higher prices. What is the reason for all this fussing? Is V8 Ford so good or it is just a seasonal fashion?

780 Mustangs were registered in Germany last year. This record has never been beaten by Audi, Mercedes or even Porsche. This is an incredible fact for an American auto being sold in Europe. No one but Chrysler has ever achieved such success. Perhaps, the price is one of the most important reasons why Mustang is so popular. It may sound unexpected for U.S. but $48,700 for the base model is a fair deal for the European customer. The fact is that prices offered in this region are final and they include all the fees, taxes, value and staff. This is what makes Mustang a strong competitor among other American rivals.

ford mustang gt

However, a cheap auto cannot become so overwhelmingly popular that easily. What is more, the models bought from gray importers break this theory since they are quite priced. The reason for its success may be that Mustang is officially available for the first time in fifty years. In addition, Mustang is mainly offered as V8 at the European market while Euro friendly models are in minority at many markets. However, the strongest sides of Ford Mustang are that it is equipped with suspension which is tuned well and interior which is marvelous and fully equipped. Since 1973 no other Mustang could compete with it. This is the reason why last four generations of this model has not been sold in Europe.

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What is more, the European market has been thirsty for cars of the kind. That is why when Mustang hit the dealers with warranty, modern suspension and powerful engine the auto became number one hit.

eu spec mustang gt rear

Now that the dream of many drivers and blockbuster lovers has come alive, Ford Mustang is going to live a long and famous life on the market. The example of this auto teaches American carmakers that Europe is not that interested in small Eco-friendly cars. Their true desire is huge, stylish and sophisticated cars which are so amazingly demonstrated in glamorous movies. The thing which Europe customers do not want is a terrible look of these cars inside. So proper interior along with attractive styling and powerful engine is the real key to success.

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