Nissan developed innovative engine with variable compression ratio


For younger models of the Infiniti premium brand, for Q30 and QX30 to be exact, the company purchase a 2.0-liter petrol engines from Daimler, but soon they will be replaced by its own design unit. The new engine will receive the world’s first system of adjustment compression ratio.

variable compression ratio engine

Variable compression ratio engine history

Specialists around the world are experimenting with variable compression ratio engines for a long time, but there is still no such engine in mass production. “Prohibitive” compression ratio in Mazda Skyactiv gasoline units company should not be misleading – it is achieved by the incomplete closing of valves.

infiniti variable compression ratio engine

Nissan specialists for over 20 years are worked over the physical variable compression ratio engine mechanism and finally brought to the mass production condition: turbocharged petrol 2.0-liter engine with this system will debut in late September at the Paris Motor Show.

How does it work

All details will be revealed during the premiere of the brand new engine. Compression ratio mechanism itself is not a new development: using an electric motor, an additional shaft, and gear linkage, they are changing the position of the connecting rods relative to the crankshaft. Thanks to this technology, engine compression ratio can be varied in the range from 8:1 to 14:1. 8:1 need for heavy loads, larger  numbers for best efficiency. Power output is still kept secret, but unofficial sources claim it 270 hp.

variable compression ratio scheme

A key indicator of the revolutionary engine will be fuel consumption, we will make it clear whether it worth powder and shot.

What cars will get it first

The first new variable compression ratio engine, obviously, will have the Infiniti brand low-end models, which are now equipped with petrol and diesel units of Daimler production. If the economy of the new engine will be high, diesel engines and can be completely abandoned, because petrol engines with variable compression ratio cost less in the production of less than modern turbodiesel ones.
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