Variable Intake Manifold Technology


Variable intake manifold technology is used by many manufacturers. Among them are Audi, Alfa Romeo, BMW, Ferrari, Honda and other famous carmakers. The technology is given different names by different companies. For instance, BMW calls it DISA, Land Rover uses VGI as the name for this technology while Mazda represents it as VICS. The whole list is rather long in fact.
Nevertheless, one of the most common names for this technology goes as Variable Resonance Induction System which is often abbreviated simply as VRIS. In more specific areas it can also be defined as Variable-Length Intake Manifold or Variable Intake Manifold as well as Variable Intake System. Each term is usually abbreviated.

Variable Intake Manifold

The technology is common in engines of internal combustion type. In fact, this is the technology relating to manifold aspects and used for internal engines. According to its name, this technology provides the opportunities to change the length of intake tract which brings numerous benefits. First of all, the technology makes it possible to find the balance between power as well as torque which are in process when speed operations start to work inside of your engine. In addition, this system gives additional opportunities for fuel efficiency aspect. It is made possible owing to

Variable Intake Manifold scheme

It is made possible owing to the presence of two intake ports which are strictly separated. Both ports are under control of valves which are responsible for opening two manifolds which are separated as well. One manifold provides a path of short length. It is responsible for an engine being loaded fully. The second one is much longer in comparison to its sibling. It starts to operate when the engine has a lower load.
The principle of Variable Intake system has two types of work. They are defined as Swirl and Pressurisation.

Variable Intake Manifold Technology explained in video

Types of Variable Intake systems

The principle of Variable Intake system has two types of work. They are defined as Swirl and Pressurisation.

The first one which is known as Swirl creates the pattern of air swirl which is rather beneficial. In other words, this one is responsible for creating turbulence inside of combustion chamber. Such swirling is good for balanced distribution of fuel. It also shapes a mixture of air and fuel which can be called as homogeneous. It helps to start the process of combustion as well as reduce knocking inside of your engine.

Variable Intake Manifold picture

The latter one which you already know as Pressurisation is an intake path that has been tuned. It provides an effect of light pressure which can be compared with supercharger of low-pressure type. Its operation is possible only when speed band of your engine is rather narrow. The use of this approach makes it possible to improve the output of the engine as well as protect it.
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