Mercedes Vision 6 Might Be The Next Maybach Coupe


Freshly born collaboration known as Mercedes-Maybach has not been very generous with news recently. However, the company has finally given some food for thoughts as well as for rumors. It is planned to release a new marvelous coupe which goes under the name of Vision Mercedes Maybach 6.

It is not said when the model will be revealed but its journey to the market is not going to take a long time.

vision mercedes maybach 6 concept

The most striking characteristic of this new auto is its length. The body made very long and elegant showing the good taste of its creators. It may sound as a wonder but the whole length of the auto is up to 236 inches. If you remember, Mercedes Benz S Class could not boast about the same length. Its body was only 198 inches long. Even Rolls Royce Wraith cannot be a good competitor at this aspect with its 207 inches of length.

Outstanding Design

The hood of this car is equipped with an emblem of the star. As for the grille, it is prolonged and smooth consisting of perfectly designed shapes and lines. Headlights of LED type are thin and mean making this model exceptionally stylish.

mercedes revealed new maybach coupe

Nevertheless, there are no particular details on the technical aspect of this vehicle. Hardly can we expect anything weak and insignificant under the bonnet. It would be unreasonable of Mercedes-Maybach to produce a strong player on the market with an ordinary engine. So, there are predictions that this vehicle will use a new version of V12 unit with 6.0 litres of displacement. Its prototype is largely used by limousine S600. Judging from this we can expect that new vehicle will produce around 523 horsepower and 612 lb-ft of torque which is rather impressive.

vision mercedes maybach coupe

Prospects of the Concept

However, there is a very important aspect which still stays unclear to many fans of the series. Can we think of Vision 6 as a preview of the vehicle which is already in production or it is nothing more than a simple concept prepared for one of the numerous auto shows? As far as we can predict, 6 could well be based on today’s Mercedes S-Class Coupe. At the same time, there is a very high likelihood that it can also inherit a lot from its Maybach Exelero relative as well.

maybach coupe concept interior

All in all, even if you look at the images of Vision Mercedes Maybach 6, you will not get many answers. They are simple teasers which will only puzzle you without bringing any clarity in. There claims that the model will be fully discovered on Pacific coast. If these promises live up to expectations, we will be ready to share all the details with you.
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