What Is The Best Compact Car for Family? Volkswagen Jetta and Toyota Corolla comparison


The market of compact family cars would be incomplete without well-known Volkswagen Jetta and Toyota Corolla. These are two rivals of the same kind and almost of the same price. While Volkswagen Jetta is well-established brand name, Toyota looks more reliable. So, what will suit you?

Exterior Design

Even though design aspect is a matter of taste mostly, there’s still something obvious concerning these vehicles. If you’re searching for futuristic hi-tech style, Toyota Corolla is your best bet. However, some buyers find it even too futuristic. SO, if you’re not afraid of the New, drive Corolla. Volkswagen Jetta is on the contrary more “realistic” so to speak. To some extent it’s similar to a smaller version of Passat which is a big advantage of this car.

Another controversial advantage of Jetta is that this car makes an impression of an expensive and luxurious vehicle. It’s far from true though. Corolla isn’t like this. Toyota’s vehicle shows straight away that it’s youth-oriented.

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Trim Levels and Pricing

Starting right off the bat Toyota Corolla has a plenty of trims. Jetta looks more modest here because it only offers four variants.

The base model of Jetta is equipped with 1.4-litre TSI engine with 4 cylinders. Corolla offers a 4-cylinder unit as well of 1.8 litres. Volkswagen offers a 5-speed transmission of manual type while Toyota has a CVT transmission. Base Jetta boasts LED DRL technologies, Corolla has headlight-integrated LED DRL too. To help you VW offers a convenient rearview camera. Toyota takes care of you providing Integrated Backup Camera with projected path, plus you can rely on Toyota Safety Sense.

To get it all you’ll have to pay $17,895 for the base variant of Jetta and $18,500 for the standard Corolla.

Going up the trim ladder, Volkswagen offers Jetta SEL with 1.8-litre engine. Toyota introduces XSE with the same type of engine. They both have 4 cylinders. Once again Toyota is equipped with CVT and VW provides 6-speed automatic transmission. This time Jetta gives you Discover Media touchscreen navigation, autonomous emergency braking, dual-zone climate control, sunroof and blind spot monitoring. What Corolla brings to the table is Smart Key System on front doors, sport instrumentation cluster with speedometer and tachometer, slide Moonroof and heated front seats.

The variant by Toyota will cost you $22,680 and the model by Volkswagen is $24,995.

Even though VW Jetta looks cheaper at basic trim levels, it loses points going up the list. Even though Corolla has more variants to choose from, they include fewer features.

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