Volvo V60 Model History


S60 is a large family sedan has given the birth to a well-known five-door wagon. This is no other than Volvo V60. The vehicle itself first arrived in 2011 but it had quite a lot of predecessors. Before the future release of 2018 V60, let’s find out how it’s all started.

Volvo 240 GL Wagon (1988-1991)

This model belonged to 240 Series. It was a station wagon which took care of driver’s safety owing to rear and front crumple zones which were large enough. It had power steering as a standard feature, its master cylinder was much better than other versions’. Even though the car was redesigned it still had some resemblance with 140 and 160 Series. It had such options as an Overdrive and a five-speed manual gearbox.

When this vehicle arrived to America it was equipped with a pushrod B20F engine and OHC B21F motor. Even though America has never had a chance to use B21A carbureted engine it could get fuel-injected variants. With a B21F unit this car produced 107 horsepower.

Volvo 850 Estate (1991-1996)

This production was of a compact size. It was available with an estate body style. For U.S. this was the first Volvo sold as FWD variant. American models of this car received airbags of dual front type and an braking system which was anti-locked. All the passengers could use three-point seat belts. The car had windows of power kind and door locks with a cruise control onboard.

There were a lot of variants and types of this model which were really successful. The latest vehicle of this type was an AWD 850. It was made based on low pressure turbo 2.4-litre engine and provided around 190 horsepower.

Volvo V70 (1996-2000)

This production was largely based on 850 estate. Its front end was completely redesigned and the car looked more rounded. New seats and door panels were added to the interior. Standard features started to include remote central locking, power brakes with ABS and more.

There were a lot of engines and transmissions to buy. Standard car was of FWD variant and AWD was optional. The U.S. market could enjoy 2.4-litre turbo engine with an automatic gearbox.

Volvo V60 (since 2014)

In fact this generation was sold before 2014 but only on the European market. It arrived to America then. The vehicle which came to U.S. was a raised type of the car known as V60 Cross Country. In America you can buy it as an AWD vehicle which has quite durable and rugged features. You can buy it with a trendy VEA type of engines which are said to be more efficient.

This is the history of Volvo V60 evolution which shows that this model has made a long way from a simple pushrod B20F engine to the most modern VEA technologies.
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