Station wagons competition: Volvo V60 or BMW 3-Series Estate?


The situation with station wagons is not that good in America. This type of vehicles isn’t very popular on the U.S. market and if you want to find one you don’t have much choice. One of the few carmakers selling station wagons is BMW. You must know their 3-series estate which is accessible in North America.

One of BMW rivals at this segment is Volvo. The last thirty years have made this company famous owing to their station wagons which are reliable and trustworthy. So if you’re still thinking about which station wagon to buy, you need to think more at least unless new V60 gets released. There’re quite a lot of reasons for this.

Reasons to Choose Volvo V60

Cheap and practical

According to the latest promises upcoming Volvo V60 will be a sensible choice. This vehicle is said to be built in a more reliable way which means that it will be more resistant to damage and more reliable as well. With that Volvo will retain a plenty of space inside. For example, it has over 43.1 cubic feet of cargo space. Plus, the price of the model will be significantly reduced.

Safer than ever

An important reason to buy new V60 is its safety ratings. This is one of the few vehicles by Volvo which has been named 2017 Top Safety Pick or Top Safety Pick+. This is because the car has shown perfect results in IIHS tests and in front crash prevention tests.

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Better engine range

On the one hand Volvo is working on the engines which will be more fuel efficient. Nevertheless, they won’t be less powerful. You’ll be able to choose turbocharged and supercharged units with productivity from 240 to 302 horsepower. Reliability of these technologies will be at the level as well.

Reasons to Choose BMW 3-series Estate

The name

In most cases buying a vehicle like BMW you buy a brand name. Compared to Volvo, BMW sounds more prestigious. So if you’re interested in a having a car to show off 3-series is exactly what you need.

Engine range

First of all, BMW is better when it comes to choosing between engines. In this case, there’s a plenty of them from 1.5-litre to 3.0-litre variants. They all come with different characteristics. So you can choose a powerful variant up to your needs.

Wider choice of models

BMW likes offering a lot to choose from. When it comes to 3-series estate, you can rely on 4WD variants which are available for you. In addition, diesel powered version can also be bought.

Ultimately, even though these both station wagons are of the same segment, they’re obviously different. Volvo offers a variant which is good for a family interested in comfort and safety. BMW is better for those of you who want to enjoy the ride itself.
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