VW Could Abandon Diesels in the US market


Volkswagen has made certain changes after the scandal about its diesel emissions. Now that things have settled down the company plans to restructure its policy in North America.

According to recent information by Reuters, the carmaker had serious intentions to increase its North American market and start a new branch of production in this region. Nevertheless, the company is urged to delay or even postpone its plans connected with this area. What is more, Winfried Vahland who was the chief of the company’s North American branch has resigned due to plans about restructuring.

VW Plans To Abandon Diesel Engines In The US

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All this fussing is connected with big scandal around Volkswagen. If you are not familiar with the details, it all happened in the beginning of September. The company was blamed on cheating diesel emission tests through using some software. As you can guess, the scandal did not bring any good to the company. It all resulted in sales decrease, numerous recalls and executives being shuffled. It is estimated that more than 11 million of TDI Volkswagen vehicles use the technology which is said to be dangerous. Fixes which are going to be made will cost a small fortune to the automaker.

Any VW Diesels for the US?

In the meantime, the company representatives say that Volkswagen has not made any modification in North American region yet. According to their promises, it is not true that VW is going to continue selling its diesel engines in this area. However, TDI technologies are going to stay the centerpiece of the company’s policy in North America. So, it is a big question how exactly Volkswagen is going to find a way out of the current situation.

VW TDI diesel

No matter what decision the automaker is going to make this scandal has strongly influenced North American policy of the company. The overall sales stay relatively the same without facing any serious problems. Neither will this situation influence the whole economics of Germany. According to the latest economical researches, Germany is already in difficult situation caused by situation with refugees entering its borders. So, VW problem is not of prior importance for the country.

In addition, Audi which owns the majority of Volkswagen subsidiary has confirmed that it is going to continue employing new specialists and will still give bonuses to its best workers. Even though the company will have to spend billions of dollars on fixes and reparations, its overall economic state will not shutter too much.

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