Why Passat Wagon Is Unlikely Come To The US


Sometimes it takes years for certain cars to arrive to a certain market. It’s a common fact that many vehicles have never been (and unlikely to ever be) on American shores. One of such cars is Volkswagen Passat wagon. Why is it unlikely to come to the states? There’re quite a lot of reasons for this. Let’s try to take a look at all of them.

To begin with Volkswagen has recently gone through a scandal connected with emissions. For this reason the company has launched a different policy being especially focused on the American market. According to the official claims the company will think about use of clean diesel powertrains to provide environmentally safe vehicles. Unfortunately Passat with its TDI engine isn’t good enough for this new policy and it requires several changes to get approval allowing to sell it in the U.S.

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Some Reasons

After such a massive scandal consumers aren’t ready yet to accept Passat by Volkswagen favorably. This is why Volkswagen will focus on building up the right relations with the market to sell Passat wagon successfully. First of all they plan to fix TDI emission issues.

Another reason is that Volkswagen has slightly repositioned its overall policy. The company isn’t going to pursue the title of being the world’s largest automaker. Such models as Passat wagon is being positioned as well getting to the thick of the automotive market. That means Passat will be made with a mainstream approach avoiding specifics of the U.S. market. Perhaps the vehicle will return closer to its original roots getting much further from what an American driver needs.

However, neither the new policy nor emission accusations really matter for Volkswagen and their Passat wagon. The problem is that American market has a high demand for off-orders. Buyers searching for a spacious vehicle are likely to obtain something more brutal. Volkswagen understands it, they can’t simply compete in this game. If the company still decides to get involved in this competition, they’re likely to put emphasis on their Tiguan. In fact it cost approximately the same money as Passat wagon. If so, that’s really impossible to see this type of Passat in U.S. Perhaps it’s a reasonable policy which will help Volkswagen to benefit.

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