Wild Pontiac Concept Cars from 80s


You can think as if Pontiac is still here because this is the automaker that has left a great legacy. However, it is six already since the production of Pontiac has been stopped. Not only has this company given flawless cars to the auto world but amazing concepts as well. Let’s learn more about them.

Pontiac Trans Sport

Even though minivans are not that type of cars which make you go crazy, Pontiac managed to make things different in 1986. Its Trans Sport model had a sleek and attractive design. Along with gull wing doors and windshield display which was head up this car looked great. In addition, you could use onboard computer which allowed you to have your travel reservations booked. This auto had a TV screen to entertain your passengers. It rearview mirror was also well done. Its specifications were a thing to boast about. The car had 2.9 liter engine of turbocharged type paired with three-speed manual transmission. The engine could provide up to 235 horsepower. The auto was AWD.

1986 pontiac trans sport concept

Pontiac Pursuit

This one was a futuristic concept with an impressive design. The auto proved how forward thinking the team of Pontiac was. This car looked like a monolith piece of steel with two doors. This four-seater had an idea of flying saucer and represented the edgy type of design. It had top of a removable kind as well as four wheel steering. Its suspension was pneumatic and had the opportunity to be adjusted automatically. Thus you could achieve higher speed. In the same time, the auto was good for roads which were bumpy. Its engine of 2.0 liter displacement produced around 200 horsepower. It was turbocharged and had four cylinders.

1987 pontiac pursuit

Pontiac Banshee IV

Scarlet and striking type of car which could make others break their necks looking at it. This is the description which fits this auto best. It was really well designed. The sportscar of such type would be worth of a lot of money. Its doors were controlled through the infrared signal. All displays were head up. There were a lot of monitors of rear view too. The car even had a kind of elementary navigation system. It ran on 4.0 litre four cylinder engine of V8 type.

1988 pontiac banshee concept

Pontiac Stinger

Talking about weird concepts by Pontiac you cannot forget about Stinger. It was purposed for younger drivers, however, it included features a young driver would never use. Among them were vacuum cleaner, dust pan, calculator, sewing kit and others. It was AWD type of auto with door panels of carbon fiber. Its suspension was made pneumatic again. You could choose between hard and soft ride by pressing a button.

1989 pontiac stinger concept

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