Will Next Grand National be Opel OPC based?


The sport version of the legendary Buick has been discussed a lot recently. There’re many enthusiastic and promising reviews which say that new generation of a sporty Buick is on its way. Some of them claim that the vehicle will come in 2018 while others promised that it would arrive in 2017 or even 2016. More optimistic sources used to give certain specifications of the long-expected car describing its size and features as well.

Time has proved that all of these rumors were far from true because new generation of Regal is already released but without a sport variant. Hardly will it arrive in 2018. So, it’s unlikely that the sport version of Buick Regal based on Opel Insignia OPC is not going to arrive to the market.

New Policy of Opel

First of all, Opel has gone through serious changes recently. The carmaker has been bought by PSA group responsible for Peugeot and Citroen. It has happened mostly for economic reasons. As a result, the number of platforms used is going to be reduced.

On the one hand, this merge would solve Opel’s profitability problems. On the other hand the situation with platforms means that French technologies are going to be in use now. PSA have already confirmed it.

What does it mean ultimately? To put it simply, General Motors won’t have any legal rights to use Opel technologies. Thus, it’s unlikely that Opel engines will be installed in GM cars.

What to Expect From Buick Now?

Judging from the latest generation of Regal General Motors are not that helpless without its Opel partner. In fact the carmaker has enough technologies and ideas to produce models independently. Most of its borrowings are inherited form Chevrolet Malibu which has shared its platform and some certain engine technologies with new Buick.

If the policy of the company will stay the same and sporty Buick will still arrive, we can expect it to be made in an American style. For example, the vehicle may inherit an engine from the current generation of Chevrolet Camaro which is based on V6 units.

The Future of General Motors

All in all, it doesn’t feel like GM will be at loss, if use of Opel technologies by them will be forbidden. Perhaps, the carmaker will focus on bringing back models of the past. It would be logical because GM has a lack of sport sedans. Their only model of this kind is Chevrolet SS which is getting out of fashion.

It is expected that the company will return their Grand National model. However, it won’t do any good for Buick as a maker of luxurious vehicle. So this is quite unlikely to happen.

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