Better Handling and Richer Equipment in 2017 Mazda 6


Mazda will be introducing a new sports coupe later, but for now, they are updating the Mazda 6 with some rather significant changes.

Available in eight color schemes (Soul Red Metallic, Snowflake White Pearl Mica, Machine Gray Metallic, Sonic Silver Metallic, Titanium Flash Mica, Blue Reflex Mica, Deep Crystal Blue Mica and Jet Black Mica), but three of those are at extra cost, ranging from between $200 – $300, but with the three trim levels (Sport, Touring & Grand Touring) all coming in at well below average for this segment, you can afford to take a little hit for a sparkly paint-job.

How much?


1. How Much?
2. Award Winning
3. Standard Equipment Upgrades
4. Ride and Handling
5. Conclusion

The Mazda 6 Sport (which is the base model) starts at just $21,945, the Touring (mid-level) comes in at $24,195 and then we have a significant jump up to the Grand Touring -$30,695. All are available with further options and extras.

As to whether the Grand Touring is $6,000 better (or even better equipped) will remain to be seen; from reading through the spec lists, we can’t see the difference – maybe around $3,000 – $4,000

At these sort of prices though, the competition – Ford Fusion, Hyundai Sonata and Subaru Legacy must be worried, especially when you consider the equipment on offer; the base model has the MazdaConnect infotainment system, rear view camera, 7” touchscreen, hands-free text messaging and voice commands – that’s a pretty decent level of equipment for the money.

Take the next step up to the Touring and it gets better: leatherette upholstery, blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alert system and Smart City Brake Support – automatic emergency braking.

2017 Mazda 6 Is a Future Award Winning

The Mazda 6 has taken the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s Top Safety Pick+ designation for the last four years in a row. It scores above average for safety ratings in the class, but that is out-weighed by poor reliability ratings – it comes in well-below par for the segment. However, we know that Mazda have been working hard on the reliability for the 2017 Mazda 6, so perhaps this year’s model will score a little better?

While the world-wide market is getting a choice of engines, in the U.S., we are getting just the one – the SKYACTIV 2.5 liter four-cylinder.

It isn’t going to break any records, but it does make 184 BHP which is useful enough in a mid-size sedan such as this. The benefit to the SKYACTIV is gas mileage – between 24 – 27 MPG in the city and as much as 34 – 35 on the highway.

As standard, the Mazda6 is fitted with what seems to be an outdated 6-speed manual transmission, there is an option for a 6-speed auto transmission, but again, given that most manufacturers are currently using 8 or 9-speed auto’s, you’d have to think that Mazda are a little behind the times – maybe with a multi-speed auto fitted, the gas mileage would improve even further.

Standard Equipment Upgrades for Mazda 6 2017

We have mentioned that even as standard, the 2017 Mazda 6 comes with a good level of equipment, but you can tell that it fits the budget – many complaints have been received about the navigation system – it is slow and unresponsive, a cheaper aftermarket version seems to be a standard purchase for most owners.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Mazda have updated that, although the MazdaConnect system fitted has been upgraded – it seems as though they’ve upgraded the bits that actually work and left the systems that didn’t. Frustrating.

Another frustration is that Mazda won’t be including smartphone connectivity such as Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, it isn’t even a cost optional extra. We could possibly forgive that on the base Sport trim, but in this day and age, we’d expect it to be at least an option.

Ride and Handling

The Mazda 6 has a well-deserved reputation for its ride quality, it’s known as one of the best-handling and most engaging vehicles within the sector. The all-new G-Vectoring Control (GVC) system is the first in a series of SKYACTIV-VEHICLE DYNAMICS technologies to be incorporated into the build. It provides integrated control of the engine, transmission, chassis and body to provide a dynamic ride quality

The Mazda6 suffers a little from road noise intrusion, much more so than other brands in this segment, but Mazda have added extra insulation to try and combat this, so the 2017 6 may not suffer quite as badly in this area, but in all honesty, it seems that the Hyundai Sonata beats it hands-down.


While Mazda are touting the 2017 Mazda6 as a serious rival to the BMW 4-Series, we’d have to say that there really is no chance of that happening – it’s a different market and no matter how good that Mazda say the new 6 is, it isn’t a rival to the German marque.

Even the most expensive Grand Touring at $30,695 is short of the quality and equipment needed to get BMW worried.

If you’re looking to purchase the new Mazda 6, then they are in the showrooms now. If having the very latest model isn’t that important to you, then you’ll find significant discounts on 2016 models, and the difference between the two isn’t actually that great – if you’re looking for a bargain, then a 2016 model is definitely the way forward.

Mazda6 Concept

Shinari concept car from Mazda shown back in 2010 expected to be the future Mazda6, according to many of sources. However, the actual car received more modest look, though the Kodo design language of the concept car used in the lines of the front end.

Nevertheless, the concept car made in fashionable ‘4-door coupe’ way, which could indicate that there is such idea in minds of Mazda designers.

2017 Mazda 6 manual
Engine type DOHC 16V I4, direct fuel injection
Displacement 2,5L
Power/torque 184 hp; 185 lb-ft
Transmission 6-speed manual
Wheelbase 111.4 in
Length 191.5 in
Height 57.1 in
Passenger volume 114.5 cu.ft
Cargo volume 14.8 cu.ft
0-60 7.3 sec
Top speed 135 mph
PRICE RANGE: $22,500-$31,500 (est)
Competitors: Chevrolet Malibu, Honda Accord, Toyota Camry
  • TheBigGuy

    You said we are going to be to choose between 5 power platforms. I could be mistaken, but I only count 4.

  • Anger

    this article is sadly outdated and incorrect. The exterior of that car is highly unlikely the interior is from the 2015 model not the 2016. Im not sure when this article was written but it needs an update.

Editor's rating
4.7 overall
  • Safety4.7
  • Performance4.6
  • Design4.9
  • Features4.6
  • Fuel economy4.6

It is likely that a coupe version of the beautifully designed Mazda 6 will be released. In 2017 we expect a minor update to appearance and trim levels.

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