CR-V on steroids: 2016 Honda Pilot release date, specs


For years, Honda mainly ingnoring full-size SUV and truck market, to have only Ridgeline as a truck and box-shaped Pilot as a family SUV. Nothing chaged much since then, but it seems that new 2016 model year Honda Pilot is completely renewed. It finally has the styling we appreciate in CR-V and Civic concept and could proudly wear Honda badge.

Unfortunately, most of these cars had lost their popularity, yielded the palm to more fuel efficient, compact and glamorous SUVs or simply crossovers. Nevertheless, some are still quite popular.

This five-door SUV is perfect for trails and light off-road. Don’t forget that Honda Pilot is still a 7-seater – you could easily bring your whole family in road trip. With comfort in all conditions, of course. You could find out Honda Pilot 2016 release date info on the next paragraph.

The 2016 Honda Pilot release date was in 2015 Summer, and now the car is available in showrooms throughout the USA.

honda pilot 2016

2016 Honda Pilot Review: What is new here?

The change of generations turned the Honda Pilot SUV to dramatic changes. After seeing the first image, some were hurry to name the the third generation Pilot “grown in size CR-V”. It seems to be true. Sharp squarish shape of the body are in the past together with brutal look which attracted many fans of this model. Therefore, now it looks bigger, but much more civilized and… fragile.

Some were hurry to name the the third generation Pilot “grown in size CR-V”.
It seems to be true.

But don’t be confused by the look! The new Honda Pilot is not only attractive, but is also a reliable SUV. The design is based on aircraft principles. The car has a metal body with built-in armed details. Such design is both lightweight and durable. It allows the vehicle to easily overcome any harsh conditions and it does not affect the dynamics and attractive exterior.

Exterior redesign: Nowhere to land for Pilot

Old design was thrown away and it seems that there are no place to land a little chopper like it was before. Just because the roof is no more a flat piece of metal.

The styling of the new Honda Pilot can be described as “masculine but neat”. Clear lines and shapes, simple and without any frills, give the SUV severity and aggressive power. The car has a confident and clear silhouette. From the front view the body looks powerful and refined. This impression amplified by a large rectangular headlights, a huge bumper and a massive grille. Sideview of the SUV emphasize agressive stylistic decisions by the massive wheel arches and distinctive lines.

Size matters: 2016 Honda Pilot improved interior

When designing the Honda Pilot SUV developers aimed to increase in the cabin space without increasing the size of the car. A specially developed new system of seats, by which the car could easily take eight passengers, or you can transport your luggage in the trunk with capacity up to 56,5 cubic feet (1600 litres).

2016 honda pilot interior

Driver’s seat could be electrically adjusted in eight directions and provides a comfortable seat for any driver. In addition, front seats has special lumbar support, which helps not to get tired even during long trips. On the second row there are special mounts for child seats. There is one such mount is in the last row.

Designing the new Pilot developers aimed to increase in the cabin space without increasing the size of the car.
They did it.

The car has a good field of view for driver, high seating position makes it easy to get in and out. The steering wheel is relatively large in size and have extra buttons help to deal with the cruise control, entertainment system and other functions.

honda pilot 2016 interior

Gauges in the cabin are very informative and equipped with a backlight that makes the trip pleasant and comfortable. On the top power sunroof made of glass, which also improve visibility.

Interior is made of high quality materials. Simple but elegant, it is keeping with the exterior of the SUV.

2015 honda pilot specifications

2016 Honda Pilot specs: Never change what is working good

The 2016 Honda Pilot is equipped with the 3.5-liter V6 “Earth Dreams” series engine with the output of 280 hp (249 hp previously) also featured fuel-saving start/stop function. Powerful engine allows the SUV to haul a trailer with a load of 4400 lbs. The engine works along with the brand new nine-speed automatic transmission,  adapting to the road conditions. The VCM System (variable control the vehicle operation, whereby the vehicle may be used at higher power loads) is also helps the engine. However, basic trims have only 6-speed gearbox.

The drivetrain of new Pilot remains nearly the same, but new technologies makes it more effective and efficient


The SUV is quite effective in fuel consumption – on average 2016 Honda Pilot consumes 19-21 mpg.

The maximum speed of the SUV is equal to 114 mph, it takes 6.1 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph. Impressive.

As it should be in a SUV, Honda Pilot equipped with all the necessary driver assistants that will help to overcome all sorts of obstacles, however, the car became less suitable for off-road. The ground clearance decreased from 7,8 to 7,1 inches. As well as approach/departure angles dramatically decreased to 18° / 19.7°  from 21.5° and 24.4° respectively. In addition, small turning radius (18 feet) was increased to almost 20 feet. The drivetrain of new Pilot remains nearly the same, but new technologies along with new gearbox makes it more effective and efficient in almost any ways.

2016 honda pilot dashboard

The car has became less suitable for off-road. The ground clearance decreased, as wellas approach/departure angles

2016 Honda Pilot price is a great deal

The cost of Honda Pilot varies depending on the trims configuration. Basic version will cost around $29,995 MSRP, and it’s for a car with front wheel drive only. The maximum price tag of an SUV can reach about $46,420 without options.

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Trim levels: many variations

The new 2016 Honda Pilot really has tons of trim level variations. However, they all come only with one engine variant possible. The only drivetrain option you could choose is layout. It might be either front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. New 2016 model year Honda Pilot is available in 6 trim levels: LX, EX, EX-L, Touring and Elite. There is also a special package available as option for EX and EX-L including special safety features, like adaptive cruise-contorol and lane departure warning.

You could choose from at least 12 possible variations, not include the body/interior color and options. It’s not bad at all.

Basic LX trim is really well-packed for the price – it features many progressive features, such as rearview camera, side curtain airbags, automatic headlights, air conditioner, cruise control, start/stop button, all power windows, 5-inch screen multimedia with Bluetooth connectivity.

No need to say that in top-trim you’ll get premium level of equipment including panoramic roof, cool multimedia, full pack of safety systems and many more. Just like Ford Explorer in Platinum trim – this is obviously the higher level car.

Even in basic trim – 2016 Pilot is really well-packed, you’ll get almost everything you need


For 2016 Pilot, the same colors pallette available in all trim levels. Some reminds of other Honda models, while others are completely new. The body colors include Black Forest pearl (dark green), Crystal black pearl, Dark cherry pearl, Lunar silver metallic, Modern steel metallic (dark gray), Obsidian blue pearl (dark blue), Steel saphire metallic (light blue) and White diamond pearl. In basic trim there is only fabric upholstery available in beige or gray color, depending on picked body color. Leather upholstery available starting from EX-L trim and also comes in beige or gray.

2016 Honda Pilot video review

2016 Honda Pilot gallery of pictures

2016 Honda Pilot
Engine type SOHC 24V V6, direct fuel injection
Displacement 212 cu in (3471cc)
Power/torque 280 hp @6000 rpm; 262 lb-ft @4700 rpm
Transmission 6-speed automatic/9-speed automatic w/manual shifting mode
Wheelbase 111.0 inch
Length 194,5 in
Height 69,8 in
Passenger volume 152 cu ft
Cargo volume 16,5 cu ft – 109 cu ft
0-60 6.1 sec
Top speed 114 mph
PRICE RANGE: $29,995 – $46,420 (est)
Competitors: Dodge Durango, Ford Explorer, Hyundai Santa Fe
Editor's rating
4.7 overall
  • Safety4.8
  • Performance4.7
  • Design4.8
  • Features4.8
  • Fuel economy4.6

Certainly one of the best family SUVs on the market. Plenty of room, enough power and good equipment list for reasonable price.
However, still only one engine and it's more like a minivan, rather than SUV in terms of off-roading - you'd better stay on the road.

Total score:

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