Toyota hybrid cars – Auris, Camry, Highlander


We started to review Toyota hybrids with the most popular Prius family, but the car maker offers a huge variety of other hybrid vehicles, under Lexus and Toyota brand. In this article we briefly review some of the Toyota hybrid vehicles.

2015 toyota auris hybrid

Toyota Auris hybrid

Toyota Auris is known primarily in European market. This name is used for Toyota Corolla based hatchback, which stands in Toyota model line up between Toyota Yaris and Corolla sedan. Auris comes in two versions – 5-door hatchback or 5-door station wagon called Touring Sports. It is equipped with a wide range of engines, including hybrid version which use 3rd generation Prius powertrain. Hybrid version available in both hatchback and estate body type, so hatchback referred to upgraded Prius C and estate is like more compact version of Prius V. The pricing in UK started at £20,645 for basic version hybrid hatchback and £21,745 for hybrid estate.
In the US Auris will be released under Scion brand, but the availability of hybrid version is unknown.

Toyota Auris price: £20,645 to £23,990 (without options) Europe market only

2015 toyota camry hybrid

Toyota Camry hybrid

Toyota Camry is a very popular mid-size sedan which is available in hybrid modification since 2006 with the introduction of Camry XV40 series. The current generation Camry hybrid has more powerful hybrid powertrain than Prius has, but it is as fuel efficient – up to 43 mpg for city driving. Much more economical than hybrid version of Chevrolet Malibu which has only 25 mpg in city. But upcoming 2016 Chevrolet Malibu makers promise to increase this figures up to 48 mpg. Toyota Camry hybrid have very affordable price for its size and equipment. Pricing starts at $26 790 up to $29 980 for top trim. 2016 model year Toyota Camry is coming soon and might bring changes to hybrid version.

Toyota Camry hybrid price: $26 790 to $29 980 (without options)

2015 toyota highlander hybrid

Toyota Highlander hybrid

Hybrid cars Toyota offered including not only regular compact and mid-size vehicles but also SUVs. The first hybrid Highlander appeared in 2005, it was the first 7 seat Toyota hybrid vehicle. The powertrain of 1st generation hybrid Toyota Highlander was mostly identical to Lexus RX 400h. 2015 Toyota Highlander hybrid has 3.5L V6 engine with electric motor, total hybrid powertrain output is 280 hp. Hybrid version refer to the top trim, so the price is high – $47 750 without options. For that price you will get almost luxury level high-equipped 7-seat all-wheel drive SUV like Ford Explorer or GMC Terrain, but with EPA estimated fuel consumption of 27 mpg for city and 28 mpg for highway.

Toyota Highlander hybrid price: $47 750 (without options)

Toyota hybrid technology

hybrid synergy drive logo

All Toyota Prius models and even some Lexus models use patented Hybrid Synergy Drive technology developed by Toyota.
Hybrid Synergy Drive is a vehicle drivetrain technology. First used in 1997 in a first generation production hybrid car Prius.
It comprises seven main components:
– gasoline engine with variable valve timing, connected to the planetary gear
– electric motor (synchronous permanent magnet) is connected to the crown pinion planetary gear
– electric generator connected to the solar pinion of the planetary gear
– planetary gear
– battery (designed for the entire lifespan of the vehicle)
– inverter (converts DC to AC)
– electronic variator
The system is controlled by a computer on the concept of drive-by-wire (without direct mechanical contact)

You could find out the other hybrid cars and technologies used in them.


Toyota popularize hybrid trend among automakers. And now it offers a huge list of hybrid vehicles for all markets from affordable Toyota Prius C to luxurious Lexus LS. With the introduction of new battery types and with cost-cutting of hybrid technologies could only increase the Toyota hybrid models range.

Prices, specifications, options, features of related cars could change without notice. You could find up to date information on car maker offical website.
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