2017 Dodge Challenger to be redesigned to build up more muscles


Fiat-Chrysler have started work on a new, restyled version of the Dodge Challenger muscle car, they are expected to release a ‘Charged’ version also.

2017 Dodge Challenger release date

It is expected that the release date for the new Challenger will be late 2017.

Release date: late 2017

2017 Dodge Challenger redesign

There has been no official statement or pictures regarding the new Challenger, but spy shots have shown the car to look more muscular, it has restyled fenders front and rear, a power-bulge in the hood and updated lighting.

The overall appearance is similar to the previous model, which of course took its inspiration from the original 1971 model.

2017 Dodge Challenger dimensions

Unlike the predecessor, 2017 model has acquired a large size:

  • length – 197.6 in,
  • width 75.5 in,
  • height 57 in.
  • wheelbase – 116.1 in.

2017 Dodge Challenger price

The American market will have a choice between eight different models in total, prices should start between $32,000 – $35,000.

2017 Dodge Challenger interior

The restyled car also has a redesigned interior; it is wider and roomier, with a redesigned instrument panel giving a much cleaner look.

All the finishing materials and plastics have also had an upgrade, and the car will have a choice of 14 different interior color schemes.

An 8.4” touchscreen media system and USB port will be fitted as standard, as are the improved seats which offer better lateral support and have the added benefit of heating & cooling.

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2017 Dodge Challenger video review

2017 Dodge Challenger equipment

The standard version has in its equipment list:

  • rear view camera;
  • airbags;
  • communications system;
  • Keyless entry;
  • navigation system.

2017 Dodge Challenger engines

Under the hood, there will be the choice of three different powerplants; 3.6, 5.7 or 6.4 liter producing 305, 375 and 485 BHP respectively.
The 3.6 will only be available with an 8-speed auto gearbox, while the 5.7 & 6.4 will be available with either a 6-speed manual or the same 8-speed auto.


2017 Dodge Challenger specs

With the increase in specification, comes more power and higher top speeds; the 6.4 liter powerplant has a significant increase in torque, which peaks at 4800 RPM, this results in a 0 – 60 MPH time of 5 seconds and a top speed of 180 MPH.

2017 Dodge Challenger pictures

2017 Dodge Challenger R/T
Engine type OHV 16V V8, direct fuel injection
Displacement 5.7L
Power/torque 375 hp; 410 lb-ft
Transmission 6-speed manual
Wheelbase 116.2 in
Length 197.9 in
Height 57.5 in
Passenger volume 110.1 cu.ft
Cargo volume 16.2 cu.ft
0-60 5.1 sec
Top speed 155 mph
PRICE RANGE: $28,000-$39,000 (est)
Competitors: Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro

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2017 Dodge Challenger is likely to get only minor updates next year. It is expected to introducing a new special editions.

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